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Josh Gillaspie

Josh is lead technician and co-owner at Gillaspie Upholstery. He was introduced to this trade after graduating high school learning it quickly. After studying and experimenting with different design techniques, he became adept in transforming something old and broken into a new piece of art.

Kristen Gillaspie

Kristen is customer support and co-owner at Gillaspie Upholstery. She has great troubleshooting skills and an excellent eye for detail. She makes sure to listen to the customer and give him or her the best experience and service possible.

Jake Gillaspie

Jake is an intern at Gillaspie Upholstery. Being a quick learner, he picked up patterning, knowledge of interiors, sewing and other skills related to this trade in record time. He is meticulous and all of his work reflects his attention to detail.

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